Nov 29, 2018

Primary functions handled by a closing attorney (part 2)

Curative Actions

During the title search and examination, title defects are found in more than one out of three residential real estate transactions. These defects are remedied or otherwise addressed by title professionals as a matter of course – a process that can be difficult, as well as costly. Homebuyers are often unaware that this important work is being done behind the scenes to protect their interests. The corrective work performed by title professionals also helps to uphold the integrity of the land records upon which our property registration system is built.



Nov 16, 2018

Primary functions handled by a closing attorney (part 1)

Title Search and Examination


At Andrus Boudreaux out highly trained title professionals conduct a search and examination of the public records to find and isolate title risks. As the records are generally indexed by name and not by property location, finding pertinent information can be tedious.

Public records, such as deeds, mortgages, paving assessment, liens, wills, divorce settlements and other documents affecting title to the property, are searched. Title examination is the examination of the documents found during the title search that affect the title to the property. This is when verification of the legal owner is made and the debts owed against the property are determined.